Computerized Automatic Four -claws Nail Attaching Machine TS-189-F

Short Description:

Computerized Automatic Four -claws Nail Attaching Machine uses new stepper motor, need not connect the pump, it improve the work efficiency greatly. (The working speed of the machine can reach 200-220 pieces nails every minute).During the operation, if there are some bad nails or no nails, can stop automatically, not appear empty nails phenomenon. Thus, it is reduce the trouble of rework. It is reduces noise using damping down sound device. Computerized automatic button attaching machine is the ideal choice of footwear, bag, garment and other industries.

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1. High efficiency: 200-220 pcs/minute.
2. The shapes of four claws nail can be square, round, cone, like water breaker. The diameter of nails is from 2mm to 1 0mm.
3. Adopt a new vibration plate device which you need not change it if you need change another nail. It can feed automatic. This design increases the durability of the machine and extends its life.
4. The speed of work, fixed dynamics and radiance can be adjusted.
5. This machine can do lots of patterns according to set programs. It is automatic feeding and precise positioning. It can complete a pattern by press one button switch.
6. It is easy to operate, no technical requirements for workers.


Computerized automatic button setting machine widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, leather goods, waistband, decoration, art and craft goods, suitcase and so on. It has the characteristics of operating simple, property stable, and beautiful effect.


Voltage 110/220V
Power 1000W
Weight 500Kg
Dimension 1400*1200*1260mm

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