Electronic Eyelet Button Holer TS-9820

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Electronic Eyelet Button Holer 9820 is automatic eyelet button holer machine. The 9820 Electronic Eyelet Button Holer is with skipped stitch functions, with less noise, and with touch operation panel. With or without trimming is selectable. With short or long trimming is also selectable.

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1. Skipped stitches are reduced
The shape of the lopper, the thread take-up amount and some other parts have been reviewed. Skipped stitches and insufficient thread tightening due to a change of thread tension are reduced, regardless of types of threads. The range of sewing capability has been enlarged.

2. Sewing with less noise
With thorough review of the mechanisms causing noise, quieter sewing even at higher sewing speed than the conventional model has been realized. The machine is made with a sound design gentle to ears, eliminating impact noise.
The vibration of the feed base which is transmitted to an operator is also reduced. The working environment with less operator fatigue can be materialized.

3. Large arm pocket providing ease of operation
The arm pocket of 120 mm depth gives a sufficient space, enabling material setting smooth. It is the most suitable for sewing of vertical buttonholes and hip pocket parts. The arm shape provides a good view of the needle area, allowing operators to observe the sewing operation.

4. Operation panel easy to use for everyone
The 9820 Eyelet Buttonhole Machine is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) and indicates display items with icons and letters. Setting and check of sewing patterns and change of sewing modes are easy to understand and carry out.


Machine head
Direct drive, automatic trimming
Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
Presser foot height 16mm
Weight 250Kg
Weight 78Kg

TS-9820-00 Without trimming
TS-9820-01 With long trimming
TS-9820-02 With short trimming

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