Super Heavy-weight Material Extra-thick Thread Pattern Sewing Machine TS-2010H

Short Description:

Super Heavy-weight Material Extra-thick Thread Pattern Sewing Machine Specialized for Climbing Ropes 2010H is a kind of pattern sewing machine  could with hot cutting device and needling cooling device  and with large swing shuttle, and suitable for extremely thick and hard multi-layer materials (such as synthetic fiber hoisting belt 2-4 layers 3.5mm thick, climbing rope 25 mm thick).
The Heavy duty Pattern Sewing Machine 2010 is designed for climbing ropes sewing, some belts, montaineering equipment, military protective clothing and other heavy duty products especially.

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1. When sewing the pattern in area 20cmx10cm, the hot cutting device makes the frequency conversion current reaches to the trimmer and produces the high temperature to fuse down the thread.
2. When sewing the heavy material, the high temperature from the needle, the thread and the material can damage the thread and needle easily, the cooling device can solve this problem to reduce the wasting of the material and assure the quality of the sewing.
3. The machine adopts imported large semi-rotary swing shuttle with large volume of core yarn. It also ensures sewing efficiency when using extremely thick high strength polyester sewing thread.
4. The stepping closed-loop computer control system can be programmed freely, and new patterns can be designed, downloaded and stored at any time according to customer's requirements, which can save labor to the greatest extent.
5. Super motor button moment and pin penetration force can sew extremely thick and hard multi-layer materials (such as synthetic fiber hoisting belt 2-4 layers 3.5mm thick, climbing rope 25 mm thick).
6. Pneumatic lubrication system is adopted to reduce maintenance costs and extend the service life of the machine.
7. According to different material, thread and manufacturing requirements, customized production ensures that the equipment can fully meet customer sewing requirements, including safety standards and appearance requirements of hoisting belt and climbing rope.
8. Flexible lifting belts and climbing ropes have very strict safety standards in the field of production. The tensile strength of the end joint reinforcement joint is greater than that of the synthetic fiber hoisting belt itself. TS-2010H electronic pattern sewing machine is a special sewing equipment based on this safety standard.
9. It is equipped with high-precision servo control system and high-performance servo motor drive, which can set up arbitrary sewing model in prescribed range.


The heavy duty pattern sewing machine is designed for climbing ropes sewing especially.
It also apply to synthetic fiber hoisting belt, flat hoisting belt, polyester hoisting belt, dinima hoisting belt, large tonnage flexible suspension belt, complete set of sling, mountaineering equipment, safety sling, industrial sling, harness, parachute, military sling, military protective clothing and other reinforcement joints, mountaineering rope (static rope, power rope), climbing rope.


Model TS-2010H
Sewing range Direction X: max200, Direction Y : max100
Speed 800rpm
Stitch length 0.1-12mm
Storage seam data
999 Patterns (internal memory)
Needle bar stroke 56mm
Presser plate lifting Outer presser plate 25mm (pneumatic), middle presser foot 20mm
Needle DYx3 27#
Shuttle HAD204
Wire cutting Electrical heating 
Stitch 600D-1500D
Lubricating oil  Pneumatic refueling 
Controller type SC44X
Power 200V -240V   Single-phase

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