Automatic KN95 / N95 earloop mask making Machine

Short Description:

N95 fold mask machine is designed as a full-automatic folding-mask production line, including the loading of multi-layer cloth, nose-line welding, ear-band welding, logo printing. The movement of N95 dust mask machine will not damage the characteristics of the materials, and the filtering effect of the mask can reach the N95 standard.

(The breathing-valve function is not included in the standard machine. If required, it shall be purchased separately.)

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Product Detail

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Technical Parameters & Configuration Requirements
(1) Production Standards: Based on the side of the product drawing provided by the first-party;
(2) Equipment overweight: 3000KG;
(3) UPH: over 2400;
(4) Qualified rate: 98%;
(5) Equipment failure rate: 2%;
(6) Number of operating personnel:1;
(7) Electronic control mode: PLC;
(8) Driving mode: servo motor;
(9) Control board: touching screen+buttons;
(10) Equipment size: 9800mm(L)×1500mm(W)×2100mm(H);
(11) Equipment color: White:HCV-N95-A;
(12) Power supply: single phase:220V,50HZ,rated power: about 14KW;
(13) Compressed air: 0.5~0.7 MPa, flow:about300L/min;
(14) Environment: temprature:10~35℃, humidity:5-35%HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, workshop with the standard of no less than 100000 level dust-free;

Major Components of the Equipment

No. component name quantity remark
1 Water-filting cloth /melt-blow cloth/ roll of water-accepting layer loading 6  
2 roll of nose-line loading 1  
3 Drive & cutting of the nose bridge strips 1  
4 Edge sealing structure 1  
5 Cloth-driving structure 1  
6 ear-band welding structure 2  
7 blanking structure 1  
8 Operation system 1  
9 Operation board 1  
10 Hand-holding welder 1 Selective, for cloth rolling
11 Structure for Punching & cutting of the holes of Breathing valve 1 Selective, installed on the automatic line
12 Welder for Manual breathing valve 1 Selective, manual operation offline

Supplied materials& specification standard

project width(mm) external diameter of roll material (mm) internal diameter of charging barrel (mm) weight remark
non-woven cloth(attach to face) 230-300±2 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 20kg 1layer
non-woven cloth(outermost layer) 230-300±2 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 20kg 1layer
filter layer in the middle 230-300±2 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 20kg 1-4layer
Stripes of nose bridge 3-5±0.2 Φ400 Φ76.2 Max 30kg 1roll
ear-band 5-8 - Φ15 Max 10kg 2rolls/box

Equipment safety
Equipment safety requirements
(1) The design of the equipment conforms to the principle of man-machine, convenient and safe operation, and the whole equipment is firm and reliable.
(2) The equipment shall be provided with good and comprehensive safety protection measures. The rotating and dangerous parts on the equipment shall be provided with protective devices and safety signs, and the safety and environmental protections shall meet national standards.

Electrical safety requirements
(1) The whole machine is equipped with cut-off valves of power supply and air source to ensure no danger during the maintenance.
(2) The control system shall be set at the place convenient for the operator to operate and observe.
(3) The electrical control system of the equipment has the functions of overload protection and short circuit protection.
(4) The outlet of the distribution cabinet is equipped with measures to prevent the abrasion of wires.

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