One Drag Two Plane Mask Making Machine

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One drag two plane mask making machine production line is a fully automatic face mask make machine. From the production of mask body to the welding of ear loop, including feeding, folding and pressing, nose line welding to the finished product, it is fully automatic without manual operation. No pressure, good filtering effect, suitable for medical, construction, electronic and other industries. It adopts aluminum alloy structure, beautiful, solid and rust free; PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise; imported motor and stepping motor drive, high precision; photoelectric detection of raw materials, avoiding mistakes and reducing waste; replaceable mold to produce products of different shapes and specifications.

Nonwoven face mask making machine efficiency is higher, can produce 100 pcs masks per minute, if calculated according to 20 hours a day, one day can produce nearly 120,000. After selecting 3ply Face Mask Making Machine Production Line,  customers can operate the machine through  simple training.

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At the time of severe coronavirus in China, our company received the invitation of the government, and immediately carried out the production and debugging of disposable face mask making machine. Our company also quickly organized technical personnel to carry out the R & D and production of mask machine. More than 200 disposable dust mask machines produced in the early stage were all expropriated by the government. Now with the reduction of coronavirus, our automatic 1 plus 2 mask machine can be sold to the outside world. The quality of our mask machine is relatively stable. We will carry out strict debugging before leaving the factory. After being transported to the factory for assembly, after simple debugging, the production will be very stable. Time is money, which brings great economic benefits to customers and is affirmed by the government department. At present, we hope to do our best for all parts of the world. Our machines have stable quality, affordable price and short delivery time.


Nonwoven 2D dust mask machine is made of aluminum alloy which makes it beautiful, prevented from rust and has a small size. 3ply face mask machine can make the 1-3 levels mask blank according for the customer's require with a high output; You can adjust the size of the mask blank and the folding location; Compared with sub-mask production equipment, this set of equipment more efficient, more economical artificial; The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate.

Our automatic 2D mask machine is the most advanced third generation full-automatic one drag two mask machine. The shortcomings of other factories are summarized. The two-step blank pressing of the mask in two directions is completed in two steps to ensure the stability of the whole process. At the same time, combined with the problems occurred in other factory, we carry out a more reasonable design and make the machine more efficient and stable. Many of the machines exported have received customer satisfaction feedback and created good benefits for customers.


ear loop clamp
mask machine package
mask machine shipment
Ultrasonic welding
Nose bridge feeding


The one plus two mask making machine is suitable for the automatic production of Disposable Medical Mask & Surgical Mask.


Capacity 110pcs/min
Ultrasonic system        15/20KHZ
Applicable materials PP non-woven composite fiber
Applicable mask Medicial Mask     Surgical Mask
Mask type 175mmx95mm
Layer 3/4 layers
Control system Mitsubishi/HCFA
Ultrasonic 220w/20KHz/2kow
 Pneumatic components  SMC/Airtac
Engine base Assembly with welding& pre-made material
Screen 7 inch colorful touch screen
Bearing NSK
Electrical components SMC/AIRTAC/SCHNEIDER
Output power 9kw
Air pressure 6kg/cm3
Power 220V 50/60HZ
Dimension 6600x2000x1680mm
Weight 1500Kg

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