High speed feed off-the arm Chainstitch machine TS-35800

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High speed feed-off-the-arm Chainstitch machine 35800 is with upper puller and differential feeding making sewing smoothly. It could be with two or three needles, lower vibration and noise. The machine is with direct-drive motor, pneumatic presser foot lifter to achieving easy sewing.
High-speed feed-off-the-arm Chainstitch machine adapt to jeans, casual pants, etc.  

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Product Detail

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1. Suitable for thick fabric: Two or three needles can easily sewing 16 layers cloth
2. Differential: Upper puller and differential feeding make sewing more smoothly
3. Automation::On the basis of direct drive increased automatic presser foot cylinder to achieve easy sewing
4. Automatic fueling: Lower vibration and noise under high speed operation
More functions than the conventional model: direct-drive motor, pneumatic presser foot lifter


The machine is Feed Off The Arm Double needles Chain Stitch Machine or Feed Off The Arm three needles Chain Stitch Machine. It adapt to jeans, casual pants, etc.


Stitch spec Chain stitch
Max speed 4500rpm
Needle 130GS 080
Usual gauge sets 9/32
Special gauge sets 1/4
Motor Direct-drive servo motor 600W

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