Automatic Kangroo Pocket Setting Machine TS-199-6730

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Automatic Kangroo Pocket Setting Machine  is an extra large area Automatic Pocket Setting Machine for big pocket. It is an iron free, single needle pocket setting machine. All the processing jobs automatically finish the pockets, improve the pockets quality and working effeciency as well. Folding, position, bartacking, sewing, collecting, no need hand working. Easy to operate the machine, easy to change the clamps, and clamps cost very low. The machine is adaptable for various kinds of materials. The machine is automatic pocket setting machine with 6730 head (typical brand).

The Kangroo Automatic Pocket Setter Machine mostly focus on Kangaroo shape pocket. The special design on table stand for extra long and super large sewing area, which could great meet the big size pockets like kangroo pockets manufacturing on garments.

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1. High efficiency: 6-8 pockets/ minute. Comparison: Need 3 to 5 years working experience on sewing for pocket making, 4 to 6 workers on one production line, and need a lot of workers to prepare for other jobs such as make lines, ironing etc on traditional process; One person can operate 2 machines Using this machine can save 8 to 10 workers for factory.

2. Kangroo Automatic Pocket Setter Machine with extra large area and equipped with suction fan, makes fabric smooth on the ironing free working position effectively to stitch.

3. Stainless steel operation table effectively ensures cleanness of the pockets during sewing. Three steps are completed on the same operation table. The stitch is very accurate and beautiful.

big space big range with vacuum device01

4. Equipped with suction fan, makes fabric smooth on the ironing free working position effectively to stitch.

5. When the machine is working, only need one person to put the material. Ironing free, automatic folding pocket, stitching, bar tacking, trimming and collecting all these processes finished by the machine automatically not only to provide the factories high- tech assurance to save the production process cost but also provide the production ability to get more orders.

put material

6. Control system independent. Any patterns can be made within sewing scope and also can add to program function of
stop at any point to add the pocket badge.

7. No need pay much to buy pocket ironing machine because of ironing free function; No need change the pocket folding clamps frequently, the clamp knives can be adjusted according to the size of pocket pieces, which save much cost on clamps making and increase the added value of using the machine for many factories. The cost of clamp is very low.

8. Automatic border double folding tool and free ironing start working at the same time, effectiveIy to fold the border, make the pocket shape perfect.

folding clamp

9. Folding frame is with latest technology front and back movement, and it is safer for operator.
10. All servo motor driving. The machine head is Typical 6730
11. Four folding clamps can realize Square, Round, Pentagon etc.
12. Using direct drive servo motor for material feeding in X and Y direction. More stable and precise operation. Feeding speed is adjustable

13. Adjustable internal clamps foot can control sewing performance, increase working stability, provide beautiful stitching. Ensures perfect consistency and performance of all sewing job.

automatic stretching and retreating1

14. Initially adopts double cross" infrared precisely locates the materials in pocket feeding system. The location is obvious. Operation is very easy. Infrared location device is flexible. It can be adjusted according to different material shapes.
15. Flexible inter clamp is suitable for fixing the sewing sample to start smooth sewing.
16. Direct drive servo motor works stable, accurate sending and receiving signal which realizes receiving the order synchronously.
17. Effectively to solve missing stitch, excess stitch and askew stitch.

18. Side slip material collecting clamp automatically to work position to collect the material as soon as finish the previous sewing. Sideslip collecting the material smoothly and easily on the stainless steel table.

accurate closely matched collecting device1

Without automatic edge double folding device

With automatic edge double folding device

Old folding clamp system

New folding clamp system

Automatic Pocket Setting Machine TS-199-7300A-2

Old folding clamp system: up and down movement. New folding clamp system with latest technology front and back movement, and it is safe for operators.


Automatic Pocket Setting Machine with 6730 is suitable for any kind of exterior big pockets, focusing on jeans, shirts, casual pants, military trousers and work clothes and other similar sewing products.


Highest sewing speed 3500rpm
Machine needle  DP*17-DP*5
Sewing stitch programming  Input mode of operation screen
Line programming storage capacity Up to 999 kinds of patterns can be stored
Stitch distance  1.0mm-3.5mm
Pressure foot rising height  23mm
Sewing pocket range  X direction 50mm-400mm   Y direction 50mm-450mm
Speed of sewing pockets  6-8 pockets per minute  
Folding method Double cylinder folder in 7 directions works simultaneously to fold bags
Sewing methods Bag folding and sewing are carried out at the same time, with protective function of broken thread
Pneumatic element AirTAC
Feeding drive mode DELTA servo motor drive (750w)
Power supply  AC220V
Air pressure and air pressure consumption 0.5Mpa   22dm3/min 
Weight 650Kg 

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