Fully Automatic Pocket Setting Machine TS-299

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Fully Automatic  Pocket Setting Machine  TS-299  is a type of lastest pocket setter.Full servo drive, fast speed, lower noise,stable performance and good product effect. This type of pocket setting machine is equiped with fast changing mold device, it only need 2 minutes to change one set mold, and the price of mold is very cheap. Stable performance and efficient production capacity are the best choice for garment factories.

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1, High efficiency: 6-8 pockets/ minute. Using this pocket setting machine it can save 5 to 7 workers for factory.

2, Quick change mold: it only need two minutes to change the mold, and it's very easy for workers. It greatly improved work efficiency. Most important the cost of mold is cheap. This pocket setting machine  saves the factory a lot of costs on molds.

3, Full servo drive, fast speed, lower noise,stable performance and good product effect. After years of market testing, now pocket setting machines are  more and more stable.

4, Pocket could be different shapes: such as round, square, triangle etc.

5, This pocket attaching machine  can work on different thickness fabric: such as jeans, shirt, casual, sports, shirt and t-shirt.

And it can work on different fabric, like as knitted fabric and woven fabric.

6, Some pants require washing water stickers, and the pocket setting machine can also add this device according to customer needs.


ThIS Pocket Setter is suitable for any kind of exterior pockets, focusing on jeans, shirts, casual pants, military trousers and work clothes and other similar sewing products.


Highest sewing speed 4000rpm
Machine head Pattern machine 3020, optional Brother 7300A and JUKI 9000B
Machine needle DP*5-DB*5
Sewing stitch programming Input mode of operation screen
Line programming storage capacity Up to 999 kinds of patterns can be stored
Stitch distance 1.0mm-3.5mm
Pressure foot rising height 23mm
Sewing pocket range X direction 50mm-200mm   Y direction 50mm-200mm
Speed of sewing pockets 6-8 pockets per minute
Folding method Double cylinder folder in 7 directions works simultaneously to fold pockets
Pneumatic element AirTAC
Feeding drive mode DELTA servo motor drive (750w)
Power supply AC220V
Air pressure and air pressure consumption 0.5Mpa   80dm3/min
Weight 700Kg

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