Automatic laser pocket welting sewing machine TS-995

Short Description:

Laser pocket welting sewing machine is driven by delta full servo motor, combined with the world’s first mechanical design concept, aiming at the current engineer workers are hard to find, and product quality of a series of problems, developed the world’s first full-automatic laser pocket welting sewing machine, greatly improves the production efficiency, saves the labor cost, and is the ideal product for garment enterprises.

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1, The world's first, the machine can welt, sew and bartack pocket in one time. Also welt with zipper. The speed is 3 pcs/min 

2, It can save machine cost such as pocket welt machine, bartack machine, and lockstitch machine. It also save several workers, and do not need workers with experience.

3, Fully automatic laser pocket welding machine is suitable for any kinds of exterior pockets, focusing on jeans, casual pants, trousers, work clothes and other similar sewing products.

4, The folding mechanism of the automatic non-iron folding pocket machine adopts the cylinder automatic folding technology, which improves the production efficiency and saves labor by eliminating the need for ironing table for folding pockets.

5, The automatic shrinkage mechanism of the internal pressure frame makes the change of the pocket's edge trace not limited. The internal pressure frame adds the function of replaceable adjustment.

6, The effect of the product is far superior to the effect of manual work.



maximum sewing speed 3000RPM
Equipped with head pattern machine 3020
Machine needle DP*17
Sewing stitch programming Input mode of operation screen
line Programming Storage Capacity Up to 999 kinds of patterns
stitch distance 1.0mm-3.5mm
Pressure foot rising height 60mm
Sewing pocket range x direction 200mm Y direction 20mm
Speed of sewing pockets 3 pcs/min
Folding method Folding pockets in four directions at the same time
Pocket opening Cutting with 100W laser head
Sewing methods pocket folding and sewing are carried out at the same time, with protective function
Power Supply AC220V
Feeding Drive Mode Taiwan DELTA servo motor drive (750w)
Air Pressure and Air Pressure Consumption 0.5Mpa(5kg/cm2)、22dm3/min
Weight 600KG

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