Pocket Folding And Ironing Machine TS-168A

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Pocket folding and ironing machine 168A is a kind of machine which could fold and iron the pocket. The Pocket Creasing And Ironing Machine mainly used to fold and iron the knitted and woven fabrics in garment factories, such as jeans pokcet, shirt pocket, pointed pocket, hexagonal pocket, rounded pocket, shoulder board, collar, logo, placket, sleeve, pocket cover, hem, the waist of the trousers, and some special shapes, such as round, oval, heart-shaped and other special and difficult folding work art. So the machine could be called Shirt Pocket Folding And Ironing Machine, Jeans Pocket Folding And Ironing Machine, Pocket Creasing & Sleeve Placket Creasing Machine.

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1. Lower energy consumption: the power consumption of usual machine on market is generally 4000W. The energy consumption of our products is 700W-1500W.
2. Higher efficiency: other similar machine produces about 2000 pieces/9 hour, and some fabrics cannot be operated, such as knitted fabrics. Our products can reach about 2000-4000 per 9 hours for knitted fabrics, and 3500-7000 for woven fabrics.
3. Machin price. The price of similar machine is higher than our machine.
4. Earlier mold replacement: other similar machine needs about 1 hour to replace the mold. Our machine only needs about 2 minutes.
5. The Pocket Creasing And Ironing Machine is Easy to learn.


Model TS-168-A TS-168-AS
Entrance size 46cm 65cm
Efficiency 8-14pcs/min
depend on pocket size and thickness
depend on pocket size and thickness
Setting maximum temperature 170℃ 170℃
Power 1100W 1600W
Voltage 220V 220V
Application Medium and light material
(knit、woven fabric)
Super heavy material(woven fabric)
Remark: The pocket mold is customized according to the size provided by customers

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