Multifunctional Combined Heat Press Machine TS-A6

Short Description:

The hot plate of the Multifunctional combined heat press machine uses the special ultra fine line tube technology. It can effectively keep the temperature equilibrating and stabilizing. Structure is simple, cubage is small, and it is convenient to replace heat pad.
Combo Heat Press Machine integrates cup machine, cap machine and plate machine, and is more practical and widely used.

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Product Detail

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Model four-in-one five-in-one six-in-one eight-in-one
Printing Area (cm) flat 29x38 plate ø12 ø15
cup ø7.5x9x12 cap ø8x20 
Voltage (V) 110/220
Power  (KW)   1 0.25 0.25 0.8
Temperature Range (C)  0-399
Time Range  (S) 0-999
Weight (kg)   28 32 32 34
Packing Dimension (cm) 58x42x64  

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