Semi Automatic Pocket Setting Machine TS-3020P

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Semi-automatic pocket setting machine TS-3020P is a semi-automatic machine for pocket setting.  It is usually with Dahao computer system. Other special computer system required is also available. The machine is with Juki type pattern sewing machine 3020 with sewing area 30*20cm. The folded and ironed pocket could be set by the machine. The Semi Automatic Pocket Setting Machine is suitable for pocket attaching or other attachment.

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Product Detail

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1. Extra large sewing scope: 300x200mm, easy to sew jeans pocket attaching, bag decoration attaching, creative pattern pockets attaching is available.
2. The machine clamp could be produced according to the pocket shape and size.
3. The clear figures interface makes the operation much easy. The shape of pattern can be shown on the screen when the user edits the pattern, which provides convenience to user for confirming and modifying the pattern data.
4. The new added electronic thread holder is controlled by the solenoid. The user can change the upper thread tension via the operating board at will, which improves the accuracy for adjusting the upper thread.
5. The system uses the most-generally used USB convertor to realize the transfer of the patterns and the update of program.
6. Increase sewing efficiency. Saves more than 6 workers working hours in one working step. No skillful worker is required. Sewing quality is stable.
7. Ensure perfect consistency and performance of all sewing job.


The semi automatic pocket setter machine is suitable for pocket attaching or other attachment.


Software Dahao touch screen control system
Max pocket size 300*200mm
Max sewing speed 2700rpm
Feed device Inermitten feed (pulse motor drive)
Twice runs(standard runs for options)
Inermittent presser foot 0.2-4.5mm or 4.5-10mm
Intermitten presser foot rise 22mm
Big presser foot drive Pneumatic
Big presser foot to reduce One-piece presser foot
Big presser foot height Max 30mm
Using area Jeans pocket and uniforms pocket
Capcity   3-4pcs /minute

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