Automatic Double Needles Belt Loop Setter TS-254D

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Automatic Double Needles Belt Loop Setter 254D is automatic double needles belt loop sewing machine.It is a self-developed machine which can be used for one-time forming of jeans and casual pants ears. Two needles adjustable for the length, width, finish belt loop 2 bartacks at same time. The machine could automatic cut, fold belt loop, and automatic identify failed belt loop, feed into dust bag, only good belt loops will be tacked. TOPSEW Automatic 2 Needles Belt Loop Attaching Machine is with 6 time efficiency than traditional work. Double-Needle Belt Loop Sewing Machine target to jeans, twill woven materials, leisure pants, fashion pants.


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1. High efficiency: 1300-1500 pcs/ hour. More than 6 times higher than traditional work efficiency.
2. Fully automatic: Automatic cut and fold belt loop, automatically identify failed belt loop, feed into dust bag, only good belt loops will be tacked.
3.The minim belt loop size 45mm, widely suitable for kids pants and slim lady pantsbelt loop bartacking.
4. The max stitching scope for belt loop 75mm, Easy to finish the big size pants belt loop stitching, Widely adapted to the special requirements from the main markets of Europe and America.
5. Automatic feeding material on sewing position which action is very exact for the position
6. Automatic folding function can fold the belt loop and send to the next step action.
7. According to different requirements and the special pattern design need, flexible and convenient to adjust the bottom /surface thread tension, coming out the best stitching effect.
8. Automatic stitching the bartacks pattern and fast finished in one time.
9. Available to modify the normal pattern and set the personalized pattern.
10. Smart sensor can automatically detect the bad belt loop, and automatically remove it.

Belt loop frame

Standard belt loop graph

belt loop frame
standard belt loop graph1


With direct drive sewing head, it is high speed, robust and durable. Target to jeans, twill woven materials, leisure pants, fashion pants.


Highest sewing speed  2700rpm(Sewing space of 3.4mm)
Vertical hook of semi-rotary, oil feeded by oil-wick
Needle DP*17#19#-#21
Thread No. Cotton #30-#50 Spinning line
Number of stitches Operation panel option
Adjustment of stitch Operation panel input mode
Reinforce the sewing pattern memory Standard size 9 designs
Reinforced  seam width 1.0mm-3.5mm
Reinforced  seam length 5.0mm-22.0mm
Press foot rise in quantity
Cloth feeding mode
Sewing machine drive mode
Needle distance adjustment method
21mm (From needle plate to presser foot)
Continuous feed(Pulse motor drive mode)
Sewing machine DD, AC servo motor(550w)
Manual operation. Rotary hook pulse motor driving model
Belt  width 7-20mm
Reinforce sew the belt length
Weight 245kg
Power AC220V
Air pressure 0.5Mpa 1.8L/min

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