Automatic pocket designer TS-9011

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The automatic pocket designer machine also could call automatic pocket sewing machine with pattern sewer machine. The machine with automatic pocket stacking system, siemens control system, SMC pneumatic color touch screen. The Decorative stitch to hip pocket machine is with movable pocket clamps, which ensures the perfect pocket position, and the pocket clamp speed is programmable.
The Pocket Decorative Stitch Machine applies to make pocket designs for jeans, leisure trousers, uniform and work clothes etc.

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1. The machine can process 600-900 pockets per hour (depending on fabric and designs). Could save more than workers compared with general pattern sewing. The machine can sew more complex patterns or some patterns which is impossible to person. It can save more than 5 workers, and it is no need for skilled workers.
2. High quality pattern sewer with shuttle hook and automatic thread trimmer as basic head.
3. The movable pocket clamp, over step motor, ensures the perfect pocket position. The position could correct to 0.005mm.
4. The pocket clamp speed is programmable, what can bring more satisfaction in using the unit with most different fabrics.
5. Automatic pocket stacking system. Siemens control system, SMC pneumatic. Color touch screen.
6. Ensures perfect consistency and performance of all sewing job.
7. Stainless steel operation table effectively ensures cleanness of the pockets during sewing. Three steps are completed on the same operation table. The stitch is very accurate and beautiful.
8. Stable and reliable sewing and locating clamps. The type clamps are suitable for fixing various shape pockets. Freely realizes the pocket decoration within sewing area, completely shows the charming of creation.
9. Assistant little manipulator fixes the sewing material, and ensures the stable location.
10. Material collecting system mostly saves the material collecting workforce.

Automatic pocket decorate designer


The Automatic pocket designer applies to make pocket designs for jeans, leisure trouser, uniform and work clothes etc.


Max. stitching field 220 x 100mm
Max. sewing speed 2700rpm
Stitch length  0.05-12.7mm
Production 500-600 pocket designs per hour (depending on fabric and stitches)
Needle system  DPX17 Nm 120/19
Power supply  220v,50/ 60Hz
Power  1.2kw
Air pressure 6bar
Machine size  1200X 820mm
Weight 180kg

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