Automatic Button Feeding And Attaching Machine TS-438D-SK

Short Description:

Automatic Button Feeding and Attaching Machine 438D-SK is a kind of machine with could feed and attach the button automatically. The

Automatic Button Feeding Device could point out mistake and give solution.  Easily change the button and finish the debugging within few minutes. Machine efficiency is 3 times than common button machine. 

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1. High efficient: Comparison common button attaching machine efficiency higher 2-3 times. Achieved high efficiency easy sewing.
2. High speed: Easily change the button and finish the debugging within few minutes.
3. Intelligent: With mistake point out and give solution, button attaching speed can adjustable.
4. Stability: Autonomous PLC type single chip microcomputer control, the first origin creation stepper motor button attaching, speed can adjustable, smooth, fast and durable.
5. Cost performance: Manipulator button attaching efficiency increase by 3 times, use this product for 3months, can earn the cost.
6. Upgrade version: System signal instead of head induction, reliability is greatly improved.
7. Universal property: Automatic Button Feeding Device can match any kind of computer button attaching machine.


Sewing method Single needle sewing
Sewing speed Max speed 2700rpm
Button diameter Standard 8 28mm
Button thickness 1.8- 5mm
Needle DPX17#12
Motor 550W direct drive type or AC servo motor
Remarks Single button attaching type is SK

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