Computer Controlled Bartacking Pattern Sewing Machine with sewing area 6*6cm TS-436

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Computer Controlled Bartacking Pattern Sewing Machine 436 is a kind of small pattern sewing machine with area 60mm*60mm. The 436 Computer Controlled High Speed Shape- Tacking Machine is Brother type machine with two functions: bartack, and pattern sewing machine function. This machine is more suitable for heavy material.


The 436 Programmable Bartack Machine can be used in all kinds of different usages from men’s wear and women’s wear to jeans, knitted fabric and women’s underwear, safety belt, shoe tongue, badges one shoes, luggage, bag, leather, tags, Velcro, etc.


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1. Two functions: bartack function, and programmable pattern sewing function with bigger area 60mm*60mm. And makes the machine can sewing many kinds of complicated patterns. Add total 1000 kinds of bartacking patterns: half-moon bar tacking, rounded bartacking and chrysanthemum-shape-hole bartacking, elastic tape abutting without overlap bartacking, label bartacking, sock brand card bartacking etc into the former bartacking patterns.
2. Creatively using middle presser foot device to make stable for bigger size of bar tacking and it is easy to stitch complex patterns.
3. The machine with two types: one is with mechanical feeding frame suitable for light material, the other is with double cylinders drive feeding frame suitable for heavy material.
4. The machine is Brother type machine, more suitable for thick materials.
5. It is suitable for delicate treading of the footplate and there is optimal footplate performance of the following treading. Noise of the presser foot is reduced to a large extent for more comfortable work.


The 436 Programmable Smaller Patterning Machine can be used in all kinds of different usages from men's wear and women's wear to jeans, knitted fabric and women's underwear, safety belt, etc.


Machine head Direct drive, have bartack and pattern functions
Sewing area 60x60mm
Highest sewing speed 3000rpm
Presser foot height 17mm
Dimension 80X50X80cm

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