High Speed Direct Drive Electronic Button-sewing Machine TS-1903A

Short Description:

High Speed Direct Drive Electronic Button-Sewing Machine 1903A is a direct driver button attaching machine. The programmable panel is also selectable. Usually we provide it with Dahao computer system. After changing bartack clamps, the machine could be changed to be 1900A.

TOPSEW 1903a Computerized Direct Driver Button Attaching Machine is suitable for trade mark on socks, buttons on woven and knit fabric garments.


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Product Detail

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1. Via electrical device to fix the thread, upper stitching more stable and smooth when high speed sewing
2. Efficient and convenient to shift input or output pattern via USB connector.
3. Easy to shift from 2 eyes button to 4 eyes button sewing.
4. As a result of computer direct drive, the machine claims rapid engines start and stop.
5. Compared with machine of traditional model, it shortens the time by 35%, hence a further increase in production efficiency.
6. Suitable for trade mark on socks, buttons on woven and knit fabric garments.

shirt button-1


Machine head
Direct drive, automatic trimming
Highest sewing speed 2700rpm
Button diameter 8mm-32mm
Presser foot height 13mm
Weight 65Kg

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