Three Heads Electromagnet Snap Button Attaching Machine TS-806M

Short Description:

Three heads Snap button machine with electromagnet TS-806M is three heads snap attaching machine, which could make the hole, attach upper snap, attach lower snap at the same machine, no need to change the moulds.
This new type button attaching machine is specially designed for down garments shirt, underwears, jackets, carcoats,and also suitable for leather bags, hats and some other leather and plastic products.

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1 . Its special design is one machine with three heads, which makes punching buttoning in top, and buttoning in bottom finish accordingly by changing the position of the tray three times.
2. The Three Heads Button Attaching Machine With Electromagnet is fit for different types and thickness of buttons by changing the matrix, which can assure firmness, and beautiful appearance, and protect the coating surface.
3. The laser-positioning device can change the positioning point feely to control the button accurately, Meanwhile, the intelligent luminescence device can reduce eye-fatigue for workers, enhance work efficiency and save manpower.
4. The proper safety device protects workers and machine from getting hurt.
5. The foot-presser device set hands free to sew freely.
6. The advanced computer-controlled system can better control the pressure of puncher and punching time to meet different customer's requirements. The electromagnetic attaching machine has the advantages of saving electricity and high speed; The pneumatic attaching machine can better reduce noise and vibration.
7. The function of automatic counting needles helps to increase productivity.


The  Three Heads Electromagnet Snap Button machine is specially designed for down garments shirt, underwears, jackets, carcoats,and also suitable for leather bags, hats and some other leather and plastic products.


Working voltage
Electricity power (10/minute) 55W (electromagnetic type)   10W (pneumatic type)
Button attaching times Max 45/minute
Working air pressure 0.8Mpa

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