A hot sale machine: automatic pocket welting machine

Labor will be the most expensive in the future. Automation solves manual problems, while digitalization solves management problems. Intelligent manufacturing is the best choice for factories.
Our automatic pocket welting machine, 4 directions at the same time folding pocket, folding and sewing at the same time. All procedures can be completed at one time, and the pocket hem don’t need to iron.
One automatic pocket welting machine includes 8 crafts, the production efficiency is 3 times that of ordinary pocket welting machine and 6 times that of worker. Meantime machine can replace six skilled workers.
Single and double lip pocket, visible and hidden zipper in pocket mouth, all real and fake pockets can be made.

pocket welting machine

The traditional craft requires welting the pocket manually, and then turning the pocket. Welting a pocket for workers, woven fabric is easier than knitting, but it is extremely difficult to knit elastic fabric. In this occasion our automatic pocket welting machine highlight our advantages more on knitted elastic fabric. Welting, turning over, and sewing can be done quickly in one time. For products that are difficult to workers and do not make well, our automatic pocket welting machine can easily complete them for you. It greatly saves labor, reduces the number of skilled workers, and greatly improves efficiency. Usually a skilled worker can make 180 pockets in 8 hours a day, while our automatic pocket welting machine can make 180 pockets in 1 hour. This efficiency is self-evident. We hope our automatic pocket welting machine can provide service to various factories as soon as possible.


This automatic pocket welting machine was developed by us more than 2 years, it is the world’s first. At present, all our patents have been applied for. We must strictly prevent other companies from imitating our equipment. We will pursue them to the legal responsibility once discovered. Now we are enjoying the benefits brought to us by this result. While we serve the major factories, we also hope that the majority of agents will join us and share this achievement together. The opportunity is here, are you ready?

Post time: Jun-15-2021