How to make a perfect welting pocket

Our pocket welting machine has been in the market for more than 2 years, the structure and function of the machine have been greatly improved after numerous tests in the market.

winter coatcasual pants
At present, pocket welting machine can adapt to all kinds of fabric, thick material, medium material, thin material, woven and knitting fabric, sportswear fabric, high elastic fabric, down jacket fabric and so on.

double lip pocketdouble pocket
In the pocket style, pocket welting machine can sew single pocket, double pocket, single pocket with zipper, double pocket with zipper, fake pocket, three folding pocket, pocket with flap and so on. Important all types of pockets can be made on one machine and one set of molds as long as the pockets are the same size.

down coat fabricsmooth pocket
In terms of pocket size, the maximum length of the pocket can be 220mm, and the width range of the pocket is 10mm-40mm.
In terms of degree of automation, pocket welting machine update from simple one time sewing to realize secondary sewing. The fabric was cut by laser, after folding the pocket mouth, for the first time sew lower pocket fabric, the second time sew upper pocket fabric, fully realized the full automation, makes a true welting pocket complete at one time, reduced the follow-up process, greatly reduces the labor costs.

zipper pocket flip pocket
At the same time in order to meet the needs of different craft, the same pocket welting machine can do once sewing, and can sew twice, only need to change the pattern.
In terms of sewing efficiency, single-seam pockets are 150pcs per hour and double-seam pockets are 100pcs per hour.

pocket welt thin fabric
Now the pocket welting machine is selling well all over the world, Machines are making more and more perfect products
Looking forward to more customers can know our pocket welting machine, and create better benefits for them.

Post time: Nov-15-2021