How to seize overseas market opportunities under the epidemic

With the changes in the epidemic policies of countries around the world this year, international exchanges have gradually resumed. The company's management first saw the opportunities in the market and began to spread the company's human resources to the core areas of the global market. In August, the company dispatched technicians to the European market and Southeast Asian market to provide technical training and support to the agents, and assisted them in running local sewing exhibitions, so that the agents achieved quite good results.


pocket welting machine

In order to have a long-term foothold in the sewing machinery industry and continue to grow and develop, it is not only because of its innovation, but also needs to have a forward-looking vision to deal with the world. In the three years since the epidemic, especially in the first two years when the world fell into isolation, the management had to communicate with overseas through online platforms to promote the operation of various major overseas markets. However, due to the lack of face-to-face communication, our actual understanding of the local market is still very lacking.


Through the rapid development of China's sewing equipment industry in recent years, many technological innovations have emerged, and the development trend of technology and industry has also shown new characteristics, but many overseas customers are not very familiar with them. Especially our automatic laser pocket welting machine, many customers also want to know more about the function and quality of this machine at close range. Therefore, in this post-epidemic era, we must speed up our steps to go out and better develop our international market.


Now even though our door is not open and foreign customers can't come in, we have to go out by ourselves, which is a very important path. Now we are recruiting overseas agents for our laser pocket welting machine to achieve win-win benefits.


"Going out" is the only way for our brand to have world-class competitiveness and influence. Especially for sewing companies that have already been "rolled" in the domestic market, there is still a broad space for maneuvering in the overseas market, and there is a huge potential for subdivision to be tapped.

To do a good job of international operation, localized talents are the most basic guarantee. However, how to recruit those overseas talents, and how to cultivate them into compound talents and integrate them into our TOPSEW company is a major challenge that TOPSEW will face in the future. This challenge is long-term and must be gradually resolved in the process of expanding overseas markets.


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Finally, we hereby sincerely invite the vast number of agents and friends to pay more attention to our automatic laser pocket welting machine. This product has been sold well in several countries, and I believe it will be even more popular next year. We are recruiting agents at all levels around the world. After reaching an agreement, we will send technicians to provide technical guidance, so that you can sell the machine with confidence. Opportunities are just around the corner, only one agent in a region, I hope you become the next partner of TOPSEW.


Post time: Nov-09-2022