Topsew Automatic Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd.

Till end of 2019, we have full line of pocket setter machine, bartack pattern sewing machine, Brother type pattern sewing machine, Juki type pattern sewing machine, Button snap, and pearl attaching machine, and other kinds of automatic sewing machines.
1. Pocket setter machine: 199 series pocket setting machine with Juki or Brother head, big or small large area, light or heavy material. All we recommend according to customer’s requirements.
2. Bartack pattern sewing machine: 1900A(bartack machine), 1954 (area 5cm*4cm), 436 (area 6cm*6cm).
3. Brother type pattern sewing machine: 326G (area 22cm*10cm), 342G (area 30cm*20cm), 6040G (area 60cm*40cm).
4. Juki type pattern sewing machine: 2210 (area 22cm*10cm), 3020 (area 30cm*20cm), 6040 (area 60cm*40cm).
5. Button, snap, and pearl attaching machine: button machine by manual, and button machine automatic. And some other special button also could be specialized.
6. Other automatic machine such as: Velcro attaching machine, pocket welting machine, elastic jointing machine, etc.
Any questions about sewing machines, welcome to inquiry, hope to satisfy you.

Post time: Feb-20-2020