Continuous delivery

With the energy crisis in Europe and the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the global economy has been in a downturn, and overseas orders for many factories have continued to decrease. However, our company benefited from the fully automatic laser pocket welting machine developed two years ago, and the orders have been hot.

After 2 years of market testing, this pocket welting machine has become more and more stable in performance, more powerful in function, and more and more perfect in product effect, which has been recognized by many agents and garment factories. From the original trial order of 1 and 2 units, they have developed into the procurement of one container and several containers one time.

Taking into account various factors, we also strive to be better in the quality of parts and the packaging requirements of machines, each part has undergone special treatment, and each machine is vacuum-packed to prevent rust from drifting at sea for a long time .

Due to the stable performance of the pocket welting machine and the details of the machine before delivery, customers are very satisfied with the quality and appearance of the machine after receiving the machine, and a long-term cooperative relationship has been formed.

laser pocket welting machine
pocket welting machine delivery

Post time: Oct-08-2022