Opportunity for laser pocket welting machine in 2021

After the sewing machine industry experienced the "quietness" of the past year, this year the market ushered in a strong recovery. Our factory's orders continue to increase and we are clearly aware of the market's recovery. At the same time, the supply of downstream spare parts has also begun to become tense. All kinds of indications indicate that the market demand that has been suppressed for a year seems to be released instantly in 2021, bringing new hope to the sewing industry.

laser pocket welting machinewelt pocket machine workshop

Here we focus on our laser pocket welting machine. After 2 years of research and development and testing, our laser pocket welting machine was officially launched in 2020. Unfortunately, it just happened to be hit by COVID-19, and sales have not risen. However, we did not sit idle, and immediately started to apply for a series of patents. After all, the laser pocket welting machine is the result of our research over 2 years. We believe our laser pocket welting machine will be popular in the next few years. At the same time, we have also made more perfect workmanship and efficiency.

In the past, opening a pocket for garment was an extremely complicated task. It had to be divided into several processes and required experienced skilled workers. Now the use of our laser pocket welting machine has greatly improved the efficiency, and inexperienced workers can quickly and skillfully operate it, and at the same time ensure that the sewing effect of each pocket is the same and beautiful. At present, the types of pockets we make are single lip pocket, double lip pocket, single lip pocket with zipper, double lip pocket with zipper, and the types of clothing we make include sport wear and casual wear. Different pocket sizes can be made, just change the mold.

double lip pocketdouble lip pocket with zipperpants pocketcasual pocket

Gold will always shine, and good equipment will always be found by customers. At present, major international companies such as Adidas and Uniqlo are already using our laser pocket welting machine. Now almost half of the company's orders are for laser pocket welting machine. The hot momentum has begun, and foreign orders are slowly increasing. Every day we receive some inquiries from customers. Customers compared the results of our production process, they sent us samples for proofing. After seeing the perfect samples, they started our cooperation. Thanks for the trust and support of foreign friends, we will definitely serve you well at all times. At the same time, we also hope to find some agents to share the benefits of this laser pocket welting machine. Hopefully you can join our TOPSEW team.

Post time: Mar-26-2021